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Science Tutoring: Science Tutoring Center

Peer Tutoring for Science Classes

Meet our tutors!

All of our tutors are experienced in several different life science courses and have a variety of study skills and strategies to success that they are ready to share!

Anatomy and Physiology 1

STC Schedule (Lawrenceville Campus)

Building 900: Room 1.109

Monday-          9am-4pm

Tuesday-         9am-6pm

Wednesday-    9am-6pm

Thursday-        9am-5pm

Friday-             9am-4pm

Saturday-        10am-3pm

STC Schedule (Alpharetta-North Fulton Campus)

Room: 327

Friday:         10am - 3pm

Please be aware that this is a lab space and lab safety guidelines
must be followed to enter (closed-toe shoes and lab coat must be worn, no backpacks allowed)

Anatomy and Physiology 2

STC Coordinator


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